Brenda Holcombe

Name:  Holcombe, Brenda

License type and number: ND 1225 NCB 076-OB


Areas served: Pendleton

Final orders:

During October 5, and 6, 2002 licensee failed to identify absolute and nonabsolute risks during the birthing process. Birth mother failed to progress in active phase of labor with presence of strong contractions, fetus failed to descend within the expected time during active pushing, birth mother retained placenta with suspected placenta accreta and retention time greater than three hours, apgars less than 7 at ten minutes and hypotonia. Licensee did not transport clients to the hospital, failed to consult with a licensed health provider, failed to document consultation, failed to document informed choice.

Case closed 7/10/03. Licensee surrendered license as part of settlement.


Final order issued.


In the Media:

Red Flags: Offers HCG weightloss program (dangerous unsupported practice: and has been warned by the board of Naturopathic medicine not to be involved in such a practice (

Stripped of her midwifery license in 2002, she apparently kept practicing as a midwife and got an ND license instead.

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