Bridget Carnahan

Name: Bridget Carnahan

License Type and Number:

Washington Midwife License # 60163378  Active  6/1/5/2012

Oregon License DEM LD 1013746 EXPIRED 10/3/11


Areas Served:

Office visits in Camas, WA  or SE Portland

Complaints/Investigations/Final orders:


Commented that OAR 332-025-0021 should be revised to state when absolute risk factors are “known or diagnosed” instead of “present.” She does not feel it is reasonable for a midwife to be liable for risk factors that were present but unknown. She also states that OAR 332-025-0021(2)(d)(L) pertaining to infection of newborn should be stricken because newborn infections are sometimes subtle and thus the requirement is overbroad when applied to the liability of a midwife. Finally, she states the intravenous antibiotics for prophylaxis against GBS infection should be added to legend drugs

Red Flags:  Unlicensed midwives are not legally able to carry life-saving drugs, suturing materials, or oxygen. They are also not legally bound to any practice standard or accountability.