Carole Severson

Name:  Severson, Carol

License type and number: DEM LD 102953


Areas served: Albany, Midvalley region

Complaints/Investigations/Final orders:

July 25, 2004, OHLA received complaint from a client stating that licensee failed to properly
conduct examination during prenatal care, failed to do 3 urine dip sticks during prenatal care, and
failed to maintain equipment when rendering services. On April 25, 2006, OHLA sent a
subpoena to Salem hospital requesting chart notes. On May 3, 2006, Salem Hospital submitted
request for chart notes. According to the notes baby was admitted and stayed in the hospital 5
days. Discharge diagnosis stated: “Term male infant, LGA, now 5 days old, weighing 4713,
perinatal depression with shoulder dystocia, respiratory distress resolved, sepsis evaluation
negative, erythema toxicum, mild jaundice resolving, feeding and nutritional issues.” On
October 25, 2007 (3 years after the incident perhaps due to trial?) OHLA sent licensee a letter
requesting that she respond to the complaint. Licensee responded that once baby was delivered,
baby was making no respiratory efforts. She attempted to give oxygen, she noticed the seal on
the mask inadequate. She attempted to reposition the mask but decided to use a Dixie cup to
continue flow of oxygen. She states that she called the hospital prior to transporting baby and
brought the baby in by personal vehicle with her care leading the parent’s car following.
Conclusion by Board: Licensee did not have a written documentation of emergency transport
plan, no urinalysis on 3 prenatal visits, and no attempt to call 911 and did NOT accompany baby
during transport.

“I will be in court on June 24, 2004 at 1:30 pm to plead “NOT GUILTY” to a charge brought against me by the District Attorney of Marion County of ‘Criminal Mistreatment in the 2nd degree.’”

Quotes:Couples must maintain the full responsibility for their own health care and for the outcome of the birth. I will assist with information on nutrition, exercises and childbirth education, but you must assume the responsibility of maintaining your own excellent health care. Home birth couples must take extra responsibility in this area since technological help is not immediately available as it is for those birthing in the hospital.”

In the Media:

Red Flags: No apparent formal education beyond high school. Learned midwifery through “home study” and “labor sitting.”

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