Clarebeth Loprinzi – Kassel (Clare Loprinzi)

Name: Loprinzi-Kassel, Clarebeth (Clare Loprinzi)

License type and number: DEM LD 123672, license has been relinquished to the state


Areas served:

Complaints/Investigations/Final orders:

1995 — Following birth of baby the subject of complaint was unable to deliver the placenta. The baby was born on April 17, 1995 at approximately 8:00 a.m. According to the complaint, the mother attempted unsuccessfully to push the placenta out from that time until 2:00 p.m., at which point the plaintiff and the other attending midwife both abandoned the mother with the placenta still implanted in her uterus. When plaintiff returned at about 10:00 p.m. (14 hours after delivery of baby), the mother required immediate transport to the hospital, where she required immediate transport to the hospital, where she received a transfusion of blood, general anesthesia and surgical removal of placenta. Plaintiff responded to case by suing all board members. In the interim, CNM Kate Davidson resigned from the BDEM stating in a letter to the Board, “After the Board’s decision not to revoke the license of a midwife who left a patient with a placenta undelivered, I do not feel I can honestly continue to serve and maintain my own personal integrity. I feel this was an egregious act and failure to revoke the license conflicts with the Board’s duty to protect the public.

1999– Performance resulting in fetal demise. Proposed revocation of license. Agreed to the surrender in lieu of revocation. Case closed 8/9/02.

The letter the mother wrote to investigators:

Kate’s resignation:


“Keep quiet, keep peaceful, gather info, do not talk amongst other midwives. Of course, have a trusting friend to talk but be careful who you talk with. Women and midwives talk way too much.”

I was licensed at one time in Oregon (though I am strongly against licensure) and tried to fight from within the system.”

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Red Flags: Abandonment of patient. At least one death that resulted in a final order.

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