Colorado Homebirth Statistics

The state of Colorado mandates the collection of statistics on homebirth with licensed midwives in their state.

Bottom line: The perinatal death rate for licensed midwives in Colorado is double the perinatal death rate for hospital births in the entire state, which includes all pregnancy complications and premature births.

As Dr. Amy Tueter explains,

The data is conveniently broken down by type of death and place of death. For example, there were three intrapartum deaths for an intrapartum death rate of 3.8/1000, more than TEN TIMES HIGHER than the intrapartum death rate commonly experienced in hospitals. There were 4 neonatal deaths for a neonatal death rate of 5/1000. That’s TEN TIMES HIGHER than the national neonatal mortality rate for low risk hospital birth with a CNM. On hundred women were transferred in labor or after delivery for a transfer rate of 12.5%. The neonatal death rate in the transfer group was 50/1000, an appalling neonatal death rate ONE HUNDRED TIMES HIGHER than that expected in a group of low risk women.

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