Cynthia Luxford

Name:  Luxford, Cynthia

License type and number: DEM LD 594879


Areas served: Oregon Coast

Complaints/Investigations/Final orders: 

Found in Board notes of 9/10/07:

Complaint by consumer:  fetal demise, pt with PIH, IUGR.  Board found no violation of rules.  Requested a letter of concern sent to licensee proposing closer supervision and teaching regarding midwifery.  Also requested a letter of explanantion from licensee about the 2 weeks prior to the stillbirth delivery.  Board reviewed and found no violation, but recommends seeking consult at an earlier point in patient’s course.

Cynthia Luxford is a current BDEM member.


In the Media:

Red Flags: Attends high risk births at home including breech, twins, and VBAC. No apparent post-high school education. Luxford also knew about the complicated labor of a woman in July 2011 and failed to advise her midwives to take the woman to the hospital, despite the presence of severe risk factors. The infant died. See: Darby Partner, Laura Tanner

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