Dana Johnson

Name:  Dana Johnson

License type and number:  DEM # 10142140

Website(s): http://motherwisebirth.com/staff.php

Areas served: Bend

Complaints/Investigations/Final orders: An alleged complaint filed in 2010.


In the Mediahttp://www.kval.com/news/local/Midwives-Part-II-134210373.html

Red Flags: Poor and very specific online reviews:

“She was unable to determine if she should give me stitches. She said that she was bad at “that part of it.” She kept having me try to lay on my back even though I was having excruciating back pain. After the birth she said that she was shocked that my baby was posterior. She was not able to get a need in my arm for a blood draw even though she attempted at least 5 times. She eventually had to go get someone else to do it. My birth that she attended had a very bad outcome. It was not peaceful and intuitive either.”

“Wow, I can’t believe there are other reviews of these women. I had a horrible birth with these women. I am surprised Mrs. King is working in Vermont now. I repeatedly told these women I could not urinate and was told “my body was using it all up”, they encouraged me to keep drinking water and even gave me 2000 ml of IV fluid on top of it. I finally had to be transported to the hospital for an emergency C-section due to my bladder being expanded, the hospital got 1100 ml out of my bladder, my bladder was so distended that it was cut during the c-section. These woman are cold, uneducated, and have no business in the medical field. I felt dumped off after I got to the hospital, no questions answered, they just said they did not know what happened, but if you google unable to urinate there is all kinds of information. I have filed a complaint against them, but it has been over a year and nothing has happened except Mrs. King moved out of state so her license wont be affected anyway. I had so many problems with them I could go on and on. These women disgust me.”

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