Jennifer Gallardo

Name: Gallardo, Jennifer

License type and number: DEM LD 1000044 (Formerly DEM LD 838758)


Areas served: Portland metro into Vancouver metro and beyond; Newberg and Dundee and vicinity.

Complaints/Investigations/Final Orders

Final order for breech death in 2002.

Intent to serve final order for serious maternal injury in 2010 resulting in hysterectomy, pelvic floor repair surgery and PTSD. One year suspension and $3000 fine.

Complaint summary:Performance of licensee resulting in fetal demise.
January 13, 2000, primary midwife in a birth that resulted in fetal demise. Based upon an
investigation conducted the following violations of direct entry midwifery statutes and rules were
found: Licensee failed to transport after four hours of pushing and Licensee failed to monitor
vital signs.
Response: Board proposes one year probation (in which the LDM can practice). Licensee agreed to submit documentation on three most recent deliveries for review. Licensee complied.
Case closed: 5/21/03
Complaint summary: Did not conduct pelvimetry with knowledge of breech birth history and
failed to assess fetal lie, position and presentation during labor; failed to attend during second
stage of labor; unprofessional conduct
Response: Proposed order imposing $3,000 civil penalty and license revocation. Licensee
agreed to complete mentoring program with a senior midwife approved by the agency within six
months; to submit monthly reports for six months listing clients, dates of births, lengths and types
of labor, outcomes of births; and appear before the agency/Board of Direct Entry Midwifery to
address any continuing concerns as part of stipulated final order.
Case closed: 3/11/05
Reported to OHLA regarding 2009 homebirth alleged incident in which a baby died during an attempted VBAC at 42+ weeks. Gallardo did not call 911 or transport the patient to the hospital. Current status of case unknown.

Also reported to OHLA regarding 2010 case in which a mother was severely injured. Transport was delayed, resulting in further injury.


In the Media:

Red Flags: Multiple preventable infant deaths have occurred under Gallardo’s watch; even more have occurred under her leadership as the director of Andaluz Waterbirth Center. She attends high risk births (breech, twins, VBAC, preexisting conditions). The final orders shown above represent only the complaints that have gone all the way through the board process. The media link shows how she considers even a breech twin delivery with a questionable outcome involving the need for emergent neurosurgery to be acceptable. In addition, the Babycenter link below shows an example of Gallardo’s habit of showing up online to argue with women who say they have had a negative experience with her and/or Andaluz.

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