Jesica Dolin

Name: Dolin, Jesica

License type and number: DEM LD 1004154


Areas served: Portland metro into Vancouver metro and beyond.

Complaints/Investigations/Final orders: Reported to OHLA for 2009 case in which fetal heart tones were not detected during labor; Dolin told the parents they could continue at home, did not transport, did not call for ambulance. Baby delivered stillborn. Status of case unknown at this time.

Also reported to OHLA for 2010 incident in which a baby died during a prolonged labor with complications that were not addressed. Status of case unknown.


In the Media:

Red Flags: There are an alarming number of poor outcome/near miss stories associated with Jesica Dolin. She is loud about her willingness to take on many types of high risk births—not just breech, but footling breech, not just VBAC but VBAC plus additional risk factors, and so forth. She is a self-proclaimed “expert” on vaginal breech despite breech being internationally recognized as high risk and inappropriate for out of hospital environment.  There are multiple deaths found in Oregon Midwives’ Final Orders related to breech birth attempted at home.  Most alarmingly, she assisted in an extremely dangerous footling breech delivery via telephone rather than appropriately contacting emergency services (see link below, “Bruno.”)

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