Katherine Greer

Name:  Greer, Katherine

License type and number: DEM LD 10132454

Website(s): http://www.waterbirth.net/midwives/katherin/

Areas served: Portland metro

Complaints/Investigations/Final orders: Katherine took on a client with Addison’s disease. Though the client both informed her of her condition and provided contact information for her endocrinologist, Katherine made no effort to consult with either that doctor or any other health care professional with regards to the care of a pregnant woman with Addison’s disease. Ms. Greer did not assess or document the risks to her client or her client’s baby, nor did she advise her client of those risks.

Final order issued.


In the Media:

Red Flags: Blatantly ignored both state law and standards of care with at least one client. Supports lax safety rules and high risk homebirths, as indicated by her signature on this letter to the OBDM.

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