Laura Erickson

Name: Anderson-Erickson, Laura F.

License type and number: DEM LD 901597


Areas served: Portland Metro

Complaints/Investigations/Final Orders:

Investigated for unprofessional conduct after failing to provide Rhogam to an Rh- woman when indicated and then subsequently dumping the patient without appropriate transfer of care to another healthcare provider. Case closed spring 2010.

Neonatal mortality in June 2008, disclosed in personal conversation with a patient’s spouse. Unknown if reported to OHLA.

Quotes: “Tell yourself to stop bleeding! Why are you holding onto that placenta? Are you afraid of being a mother? Afraid of losing the attention of pregnancy and wanting to keep a souvenir?” (to mom having severe pph who was blacking out.)

In the Media:

Red Flags: Will attend breech. Will attend VBAC. Will attend twins.

Stories around the web: