Laura Tanner

Name:  Tanner, Laura

License type and number: UNLICENSED, never held license

Website(s): (Pulled down after the death of Shahzad Sheikh.)

Areas served: Eugene area, Salem area.

Final orders:

Quotes: “Instead of blaming the midwife or OB, parents need to stand up.” (Posted on Facebook two days after Tanner contributed with her negligence to the death of Shahzad Sheikh.)

In the Media:

Red Flags: See also Darby Partner. In the birth of Shahzad Sheikh, Tanner left a laboring mother alone for prolonged periods, failed to identify red flags such as an extremely protracted labor and meconium-stained fluids, failed to competently perform CPR, interfered with attempts by Margarita Sheikh’s friends and family to check on her, refused to transport her to the hospital when asked to do so, and generally failed on every level possible for a midwife to fail. She then turned around and publicly blamed Sheikh for what happened.

Unlicensed midwives are not held accountable to any regulations or laws and are not legally allowed to carry life-saving drugs, suturing supplies, or oxygen.

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