Lennon Clark

Name: Clark, Lennon

License type and number: DEM LD 10127733—expiring November 1, 2011. Per licensee’s website, “I am choosing to NOT renew my Oregon midwifery license this year. I have made this decision as a result of my desire to serve ALL mothers, not only those that the state of Oregon licensed midwifery rules deem ‘acceptable’. As an unlicensed midwife, I will be serving the family and only the family. Choices and decisions about pregnancy and birth belong with the mother and her family, not with a state agency. Licensure for midwives in Oregon is voluntary, and there are many incredible unlicensed midwives currently serving our state. I will be joining their ranks on November 1, 2011. I will be licensed until October 31, 2011.”







Areas served: Salem area as far north as Portland metro.

Complaints/Investigations/Final Orders:

Quotes: On treating serious postpartum hemorrhage: “My first resort (after of nipple stimulation) would be cinnamon tincture. Also, if the placenta is already born and you are ok with it, sticking a chunk of placenta in your cheek is a great tool, too!” http://www.mothering.com/community/t/805873/concerns-about-hemorging

In the Media:

Red Flags: Midwifery “education” consists of correspondence school AAMI. Apprenticed with Pamela Hines-Powell, a midwife who has a history of involvement in preventable losses and who was arrested for medicaid fraud. When her license expires, Clark will no longer be able to legally carry oxygen, pitocin, and other life-saving drugs, or suturing materials. Is against state licensing standards to protect mothers and babies. Website and web presence indicates that she will attend a variety of high risk births (including women with pre-existing conditions like type II diabetes) and accepts payment for “support” role in unassisted childbirth (UC). Posting history on Mothering.com indicates that she encourages clients to skip or dismiss many routine tests.


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