Melissa (Missy) Cheyney

Name:  Cheyney, Melissa

License type and number: DEM LD 1007143


Areas served: Corvallis area.

Complaints/Investigations/Final orders:

Quotes: Cheyney is concerned that requiring licensure could actually have an adverse effect on home birth safety by “driving midwives underground, and not voluntarily participating in peer review and other things they currently do.” (Lund Report, 2011)

In the Media:

Red Flags:

Cheyney is both a MANA board member, a group that lobbies for midwives and refuses to release the stats they have collected regarding homebirth outcomes in the US, and the chair of the Oregon Board of Direct Entry Midwives, an entity charged with regulating midwifery in Oregon.  This is a clear conflict of interest. This is particularly critical to note as the Oregon Board of Midwifery has decided to utilize the MANAstats, the data collection tool of MANA,  to collect data on Oregon midwife outcomes.

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