Pamela Hines-Powell

Name: Hines, Pamela (aka Pamela Hines-Powell)

License type and number: UNLICENSED former license number 1000045 expired 2008.


Areas served: Salem area

Final orders:

Quotes: “Well, you know, I do ask Lennon [Clark, her apprentice at the time] to nurse my little baby (because her milky mama works) at some appointments. She says she doesn’t mind, though.”

“I’ve had a few clients birth at 35 weeks. All of the baby, sans one, did great.”

“i would only use oxygen on a mom who was shocky. never on babies. i’ve used it myself w citrus essential oils to energize me at a long birth.”

[On  APGAR scores] “as a midwife, I do it after the birth only because some statistics that I record with ask for it. I don’t even think it’s really relevant.
I look at tone – even if baby is not breathing right away. If tone is good, we leave baby alone.”

In the Media:

Red Flags: Hines-Powell was arrested in 2010 for fraudulently billing and accepting payment from the Oregon Health Plan after she had knowingly let her license expire. She has been active on the forums where you can see she describes her controversial methods and doles out advice to forum readers. There is evidence that she is continuing to practice unlicensed despite claiming to have “retired” from midwifery, and that she was involved in a poor outcome (infant death) in early 2011.

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