Tamra (Tamy) Roloff/ Tamy Knight

Name: Tamra Roloff, Tamy Knight

License type and number:

Active Washington License #  MW.00000283

Unlicensed in Oregon


Areas served: Washington and Oregon (Astoria area)

 Complaints/Investigations/Final orders:

New January 2013: Roloff’s Washington license is finally on probation.

7 Washingon Case investigations: Case #2009-138744, #2009-142066, #2010-145607, #2010-142794, #2010-143829, #2010-143971, # 2011-154955

Washington State Disciplines Health Care Providers: “In February 2012 the Midwifery Program charged Tamra K. Roloff (MW00000283) with unprofessional conduct. It’s alleged that the care she provided fell below the standard, placing the patient at unreasonable risk of harm or injury. Allegations included failing to chart patient care, assess maternal vital signs during labor, address maternal fever in labor, or transferring the patient to a hospital when labor didn’t progress.”

Two infant deaths under her care, Henry Bizzell and Baby Boy ECS. In the second case, Ms. Roloff ignored obvious signs of pre-eclampsia until the mother had an eclamptic seizure and her baby was dead. For more information on the investigation:

page 1 – In which Tamra Roloff dumps an eclamptic patient at the hospital and leaves with the medical records.

page 2 – In which Tamra Roloff ignores all classic symptoms of pre-eclampsia until her patient has a seizure.

page 3 – In which Tamra Roloff attempts to pin her negligence on her patient’s friends.

page 4 – In which Tamra Roloff administers all kinds of herbal remedies to speed up labor, but does not administer magnesium sulfate after her patient suffers a seizure.

page 5 – In which Tamra Roloff claims she didn’t answer the phone when the hospital and her patient’s friends called repeatedly asking for her chart because she had turned it off for the birth and forgot to turn it back on, but phone records show two calls to her attorney in addition to several other calls both ingoing and outgoing in that time.

Oregon Complaints: (no investigations as she is unlicensed) at least 2


 In the Media:


“DerbyMom   http://www.lilaguide.com/reviews/tamy-roloff-564192.aspx

Review added 6/15/2010

I talked to Tamy about the possiblity of having a home birth. She provided me with many resources to study up on VBAMC. I came to the conclusion that there was no reason why I couldn’t deliver my baby at home.   I would like to take a moment to share about my experience with Tamy Roloff as both my midwife and stand in mom. I am a mother to three beautiful children. The first two were delivered via c-section. My son was an “emergency” c-section and my daughter a repeat. She made sure that I was drinking my pregnancy tea, as well as taking precautions about where the placenta was located and that my uterus wall was thick enough around my scar from the previous c-sections”

 Red Flags:   Two infant deaths, one in August 2009 and the other in March 2010. Apparently thinks drinking tea will make a HBA2C safer.  Unlicensed midwives are not held accountable to any regulations or laws and are not legally allowed to carry life-saving drugs, suturing supplies, or oxygen.